Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We're pregnant!!!!

...well, I'm pregnant but for some reason the correct phrase is "we're pregnant." I suppose my husband did participate in the creation of this little kidney bean so he should get some credit. ;) EVEN though (side tracking here) when we went for the 2nd ultrasound, the doctor told us when the baby was due and when we conceived... which happened to magically be when I was in Myrtle Beach with my girlfriends! ha ha. I did share a sofa bed with Beth AND Amy so we may need to do a paternity test.

In all seriousness though.... we are thrilled! Parker and Baby Wise #2 will be 25 1/2 months apart as long as this little booger is full term! He/she SURELY better be! No more preemies in this house Pa-Lease! This baby is due May 14th according to the doctors BUT after my own calculations of when my husband and I were actually in the same state (not much in August!... don't get any ideas, people!) this baby is ACTUALLY due May 7th. That's 2 days after Parker's due date of May 5th! I guess I know what time of the year to avoid in the future if I'm done after 2!

Let me tell you something. When people say every pregnancy is different, I thought they had just forgotten about their 1st one. WRONG. Holy Guacamole. I felt like a million bucks with Parker and with this one, I'm doing good to get out of the house before 1pm, showered, fed and keeping said food down. After about 1, I'm jazzed and ready to tackle my task but from about 7 1/2 weeks up til now, I'm just pukey! I know this will go away but I KINDA don't mind it. It makes this pregnancy seem so real... and normal! I pray it just means the baby is growing and healthy! OR maybe since this pregnancy is so different, it's a girl? Yes? maybe?

I'm planning to blog this pregnancy BUT not on this blog. I wasn't the world's best baby book keeper so I'm planning to blog this baby's baby book instead (this sentence has a lot of B's). Once a year I plan to have it printed by Shutterfly or Snapfish. Won't that be a sweet memento! SO, if you want to follow the pregnancy, you'll need to "follow" my baby blog. I'm sure I'll discuss tidbits on here BUT this is more of my whole family and personal blog. The baby blog is written to the baby so it's my personal thoughts, feelings and hopes for him/her plus pregnancy milestones. I hope you enjoy following along with us if you choose to!

Ahhh! We're having a baby!


  1. YAY!!!! What wonderful news for the Wise family! I can't wait to follow along with the baby blog, too! I plan on printing out my blog, too, since I started it when I found out I was pregnant - such a fun way to remember everything! :)

  2. How exciting!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

  3. What a special gift for Baby Wise #2! Looking forward to reading all about it on your baby blog. Will be praying for his or her safe arrival!

  4. Congratulations!!! I'm sending you lots of healthy fullterm vibes. :-)