Thursday, October 7, 2010

Digital Camera Dump!

What to write about today.... well nothing is going to top the LAST post (we're pregnant! AHH!) sooo.... My gymboree shopping trip (love gymbucks!)? My killer deal on khaki maternity cords (brands new at a consignment shop!)? My son ruining a pile of clothes with bleach (I was spot cleaning and he dumped it out on a pile of darks! UGH!)? What about how my DVR is on hyper drive? Thursday night TV is the BEST!!!! The Office, Bones, The Vampire Diaries, Project Runway, On the Road with Austin and Santino, Private Practice, CSI! WHEW. It takes us many nights to go through it all but ALL of our shows except Dexter and Modern Family are on Thursdays!

Boring. I'm in a rut. Everything seems so frivolous after our big exciting news!

How about some cute pictures?

Here are Brooklyn and Parker at Hunter Farms kissing.
We were trying to get their attention by cheering but since they're both little mimics, they just did it right back at us!
I actually bought this outfit specifically for pumpkin picking. ha ha
 How about a random bath tub pic? Those are always winners!
Too cute... wanna see more? Yes, of course you do.
He loves bath time and I just think they are the cutest pictures! I have a whole album to embarrass him with later in life. His future wife will appreciate them one day! What's next? How about more pictures that chronicle the relationship/love between baby and Parker? We recently picked up Baby #2 as a backup. Once was supposed to stay in the crib and the other in the car but now he just has to have both of them. My husband is jealous that he gets to sleep with 2 chicks.

Kissing baby!
Hugs for his girls!
 Well, the washing machine just buzzed. Time to check the bleach damage! THANKFULLY... it was ONLY clothes! All replaceable! Have a great night!


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