Saturday, October 30, 2010

Up Swing

Right before Parker went to sleep tonight we had a major milestone! Are you excited? I know I sure was........ the milestone was....... solid poop. Yes, that's right. Normal, solid, stayed in the diaper poop! HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does this mean our 8 day streak of poop, puke and Barney is over?! Fingers and toes are crossed!

Next on our list is getting back to his normal schedule! He's gotten up every night for 8 nights in a row at least 3 times and is up for the day before 5:30am. Yes, I know... I've just signed myself up to do this all again with a newborn but I can handle feeding a hungry baby... it's a toddler in pain and pooping all over himself that I struggle with. That's just miserable for everyone.Poor buddy. It kills me to see him in pain.

Parker perked up enough today to go back to his usual vacuum obsession.  He asks usually upwards of 15-20 times a day to vacuum. Here he is opening the closet where the vacuum "sleeps."
He participates using his vacuum and ball popper.
And we're off...
Ready for the next room!
Parker's turn!
In awe of "the vacuum." I hope he still loves it so much in 10 years.
Gotta get the baseboards.
 We're done vacuuming but Parker was clearly not ready to finish.
 The start of the "no all done, mommy" meldown.
I'll spare you with the laying on the ground, kicking the door shot but it's hard not to laugh at this precious pouty face!

Alright guys... finger crossed and prayers said for restful sleep in the Wise household tonight!!!


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