Monday, October 11, 2010

The not so scary monster who was scared

Parker is PETRIFIED of his Halloween costume. I mean S-C-A-R-E-D! He screams at the sight of it. I bought size 12 months because it looked big, tried it on him and we had a bit of a traumatic experience when he got semi stuck in it. Since then, I went back to the store, bought a bigger size, but the damage is done! It's the cutest little costume so I just HAD to get some precious shots for our Halloween card!

I tried to bribe him with M&Ms which are my go to bribe and his answer was "NO WAY." This was not going to be easy. I wrestled him to the ground (oh the things moms do for cute pictures!) and got the outfit on even though he got a few good kicks to my face in the process. My compromise.... his all time favorite treat. A sucker. I keep a stash of dum dums which I was unable to find in the cabinet so I settled for a blow pop, knowing he wouldn't finish it fast enough to get to the gum! Unfortunately, the silly cherry blow pop is in all of my shots (why didn't I give him sour apple? It would have matched the costume better!) BUT in the end, I got some cute shots!

Here's how our mini photoshoot started:
Heaven forbid he smile.
The miserable monster.

Wait... could this be a smile?
Then things started to turn around.
How did I get him to smile? I hid behind the garage and would jump out to scare him, snap the photo and do it again!
I look at this shot and think, "Why didn't I sweep the porch!?!"
The neighbors thought I was nuts.
We finally got some Halloween card worthy shots! I'd glad we did a Halloween trial run! Hopefully we can curb the costume meltdown with a little sucker while we cruise the street in Parker's wagon on the prowl for more candy!


  1. ok blahhhh i still haven't taken pumpkin pictures, and Ann and Drew are totally sold out now :( On top of that, Noah refuses to wear any costume with a hood (which is all of them); therefore, we had to get him a skeleton costume ....not so cute....but, well OK, I think he's adorable, but reallyyyyyyyyyy there are so many cuter options out there(see above)...anyway, LOVEEEEE these!

  2. T, you are too funny! Now you have a great story to go along with these precious pics. Good luck dressing him again on Halloween! :)

  3. Thanks! I bought some more suckers for Halloween. He has a recent affinity for ring pops. Maybe that will suffice so I can wrestle his costume on him and pull him down the street in his wagon! Ashley, Parker hates the hood too but the way this one goes on, he can't get it off. (insert evil laugh here).