Monday, March 12, 2012

Sketchy Mexican, acapella and babies

WHOOPS! I forgot to post this one!

This past weekend Miss Avery and I road tripped it to Clemson for a mini reunion with 4 of the 7 Clemson besties. We spent Saturday morning helping Erin navigate the scary but awesome world of babiesrus! I'm proud to say that she made it through without needing oxygen or an anti anxiety pill and I made it through with only a tiny purchase (baby food in a pouch.... So basically I did great!)

Next we met up with Whitney and amber at our favorite local Mexican joint for cheese dip, margaritas (for those of us who aren't prego!) and some sketchy looking tacos. We felt so old because we didn't remember our favorite restaurant being "this" shady! Good news... We all survived without contracting salmonella.

After dinner we went to the Tiger Roar concert benefitting the march of dimes which is an organization dear to my heart since Parker was a preemie and my good friend Erin works for MOD. Tiger roar is Clemson's all male acapella group and girls swooned for them (and their orange blazers) when I was in college there! They were amazing! As were these guys:

The Spartones from UNCG. They played with Avery before the show and dedicated a song to her... Albeit an inappropriate sexual one but nonetheless it was precious and Avery loved it! Every time people clapped or cheered and would clap and squeal. She had a blast and I think the students had a good time with her too. How cute are those boys in their matching shirts. They actually fought over who would hold Avery for the picture!

Avie, whitney and I spent the night at Erin's and enjoyed some late night coffee ice cream and "remember when's." Avery tested zeke's exersaucer and has approved it. :)

Sunday afternoon, we headed to Piedmont for amber's baby shower. It was so fun to gift her lots of cute things for baby Addison! She sure has been the desire of her mama's heart for a long time and I'm so glad I get to share the joys if motherhood with her very soon!

I had a great time but nothing beats coming home to this sweet boy! He punished me for about an hour for leaving him for a day and a half but quickly came around! Pictures like these make my heart happy!


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