Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Midweek confessions- I've got some good ones this week!

I'm back linking up with E, myself and I this week for a little confessing. SO fun!

* When I went to the grocery store today, I literally went for chicken nuggets and booze but was too embarrassed to check out with just nuggets and booze so I threw bananas and blueberries in the cart. I then proceeded to take aforementioned alcohol to the park where my girlfriends and I poured mikes hard cranberry lemonades into starbuck's coffee cups to be "discrete" and let the kids run wild. Don't judge.... They were cranberry so it was kinda medicinal... No uti's for us!

* I packed Daniel sandwiches shaped like penises on Monday to be silly. He didn't think it was as funny as I did!

* Parker isn't potty fact, he could care less. I might be serious when I say Avery may potty train before him. No one is pressuring me to train him even though all my friends kids are potty trained but I sure am pressuring myself and feel like a bad mom.
*Do you know something I don't feel bad about for the 1st time in a LONG time?! My body. I'm actually at a point in my life where I feel confident in my shape and size. For a woman, thats huge and I can't say I've felt that way since I worked out a bunch 2 semester freshman year of college. I weigh the least I've weighed since 6th grade and I'm in a size I never remember being in....and yes... I'm bragging and gloating and I kinda feel bad about that but not really. I've worked hard! I haven't been to a gym but I chase after the kids, we walk, run and play. I carry 18lbs on my hip half the day, nurse more than I should which is a full time job and mostly eat scraps off the kids trays and small, frequent meals. If only I could learn to dress cute and keep my makeup and hair up to par I might look pretty good!

*Mt. Saint I hate folding laundry is back and it's 8 loads huge. :(

*I don't "pinterest" because I know I'd be addicted and go broke doing projects that I could probably buy cheaper at homegoods or would look way too DIY for my taste but my Facebook newsfeed is blowing us with things people pin! Most of the time I feel annoyed at the 23,497 quotes people pin because they're so inspirational that they make me feel bad that I'm not saving the dolphins or training for marathons but instead wasting time reading what my friends "must have for summer!" or "I die for this" or "wedding ideas!" (ps- one fb friend who pins a gazillion things to wedding ideas.... We get it, you want a shabby country love, quit pinning wedding stuff ALL DAY long and find a spouse first! You look desperate and you don't need to be!) anyways, I digress. I found one I liked the other day and made me think which is a rarity on fb since I use that as my veg out mentally time... It said "dress how you want other women to dress around your husband." I really like that. I usually dress for other women, not men but this was an interesting and thoughtful perspective. I totally agree!

* I just wrote this entire blog from my bath tub (Tuesday evening) while Alice, robot vacuum #2 (RIP Consuela) cleans downstairs and it feels AWESOME! Percy, Nemo, Captain and Squirt have accompanied me and the Toy Story bubble bath is proving quite therapeutic.

Your turn!


  1. Go girl on that great bod :) I think it's ok to brag a little... Especially when your calorie burners are kids and nursing! And I'll have to buy me a bottle of that toy story bubble bath!

  2. Good confessions! I'm glad you feel good about your bod- your comfortable confidence will shine through to your kids!

  3. Those sandwiches are HILARIOUS!!!! Ya gotta have a little fun in life, ya know?!? :) And I'm kind of jealous that you had a park play date with alcohol, haha!

  4. hahahahahah I LOVE it! laughed out loud with the lemonade and sandwiches! and I totally add to my cart if there is just wine and baby food in order to make myself feel better.