Sunday, March 25, 2012

Parker is 3!

Parker Wise, you are 3 years old! On your actual birthday, Wednesday, we let you play hooky from school and we all went to the zoo. It was a beautiful day and as usual, the meerkats were your favorite. It was bright out and you accidentally broke your sunglasses so you took Avery's and refused to take them off. Thus, the pink giraffe sunglasses ;)

On Friday, your dad and I took you to your 3 year check up. You're in the 60th% for weight and 50% for height. Other than not being potty trained yet and your excema, you're 100% wonderful! Potty training starts Wednesday afternoon... get excited! (PRAY FOR ME! US!)

Saturday was the BIG day! Your Splash Planet birthday party! We had chicken tenders, fruit, pretzels, goldfish, fish sandwiches and turtle and fish cupcakes. Despite saying I'd never do it again after last year, I DID applique and monogram towels for all of the kiddos. After all is said and done, they looked great and were a big hit!

Your friends: Zury, Logan, Lily, Jayden, Jett, Ana, Max, Charley, Jakob and all their younger siblings joined us to celebrate your birthday. You got lots of great presents that you really enjoyed opening. Mimi and Poppop, grandma, nana, poppi and aunt Kelly also celebrated with us. 

You sang happy birthday to yourself which was precious and really enjoyed riding the lazy river. Overall, it was a fun birthday party that most everyone enjoyed. Avery may have actually had more fun than you did!

I can't believe you're 3! Well.... maybe I can.... you're experiencing the terrible 2 1/2 - TBD (SOON TO BE ENDED I HOPE!) phase. You were pretty good up until 2 1/2 and the closer you got to 3, the more we've realized that the 3's may be MORE challenging. You're becoming more strong willed, opinionated and can communicate more. You speak in pretty good sentences now and with sweet sentences have also come some defiant ones! 90% of the time you are PRECIOUS and the other 10%, I want to pretend like I'm your nanny. We call you "passionate" and just know you're going to do big things with that strong will of yours!

We love you more than you could ever imagine and are SO blessed to be your parents. Happy 3rd Birthday, sweet boy!


  1. Such a fun party!
    Did you do the monogramming yourself?

    1. I did! They took FOREVER but they were worth it once they were done! :)