Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cell phone dump!

I cannot for the life of me get my pictures from my iPhone to stay under my photo explanation so this will be an interpret the photos your own way post.

We've been in spring fever, Parker's birthday, landscaping the house, building a swing set mode here in the wise household so please excuse my brief absence. I'll be back soon with a 3rd birthday post!

We now have a stair climber, stander. 2-3 step taker, sugar cookie eating sweetie!

Mr Parker continues to be the sweetest brother, slightly "passionate," mountain climbing and nap fighting love bug.

Love these babies


  1. Love the pic of Parker kissing his lil sissy on the forehead. Too sweet!
    And oh my word- a rock wall?! Where ever did you get that?!

  2. LOL!!! favorite is Avery with her deodorant...I heard a baby white girl ghetto voice in my head..."Girl my pits be stankin'!"

  3. Ashley, I got if off amazon. It's by step 2. Parker is a climber and I got so tired of yelling "no climbing!" so we got him something appropriate to climb! Holly, she's into everything! :)