Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jump starting the kids summer wardrobe

I am slightly obsessed with dressing my kids. I rotate between cotton Target dresses, Nike tennis dresses and skirts scored from Marshall's and Anne Taylor loft pieces purchased with Christmas gift cards for myself. My children, on the other hand, wear clothes more expensive than my own. I know I'm insane but I've learned to be pretty savvy about purchasing their high end, name brand clothes at consignment stores, Facebook sales like smockadot and Lolly wolly doodle, eBay or making my own "knock offs."

I'm a sucker for Kelly's kids. If I were a millionaire, I'd just have them send me the whole boys line in 2t/3t and girls line in 12 months. Love them! I did purchase a few pieces last week out of the catalog but I've also found copy cat appliqués to whip up my own! Im off to a good start!

I'm loving all things nautical: Whales, anchors, surf boards, crabs, beach pails, sailboats.... Love it all! Here's a quick sneak peak of what I've been working on:

I appliquéd a sand pail on this pink gingham blank dress I bought off eBay. The navy and white dress is an Old Navy find for $6 that I added Avery's name to and an anchor. A lucky birthday girl is also getting this dress with a hot pink monogram tomorrow. This dress was inspired by the navy and red nautical stripe Kelly's kids line currently on their website. $6 vs $48! Heck yeah!

I also monogrammed a sun hat for Avery found at buybuybaby (target has them too) and a tutu onesie purchased at the end of season last year from I figured these are good "park clothes."

For Parker, I try to do shirts that match multiple pairs of shorts. You can dress them down with cotton gym shorts or dress then up with khaki or gingham shorts. So far, I've done a sailboat that I love, an anchor to coordinate with Avery's dress and matching bunny Easter shirts. I just purchased various colored shirts from belk this week to continue my "it looks like I spent $45 from Kelly's kids but really spent $8" scheme! :)

In not sure why some of the pictures are coming up sideways but you get the picture. More to come as I get more time! It's SO time consuming but SO worth the sense of pride I feel when my kids are dressed so cute in things I've made them!

Where do you like to shop? Any good appliqué ideas?


  1. I love your sweet Avery outfits! I have a 3 month old Avery and am getting my monogram machine out this week. Thanks for the cute ideas. If you have any monogrammed clothes you want to sell, let me know!!

    1. I am saving the special ones for a quilt that I'll eventually make for her but I did just sell a few pieces on ebay. Good choice in names! :)