Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, Avery!

Avery Madison, tomorrow you are 2 years old! Tonight, as usual, you "went to bed with Parker" and then 5 minutes later appeared in my room, ready to be rocked and put to sleep in your own bed. I sang through all 3 stanzas of your "go to" bed time song "All Creatures of Our God and King" (more on that later!) then sang "Come thou Fount," followed by "Doxology" but I just wasn't done snuggling you tonight! Randomly, "Great is Thy Faithfulness" came to mind and you closed your beautiful green/blue eyes and fell asleep. What a perfect song to fall asleep to on the night before we celebrate your 2nd birthday! You and your brother are my miracle babies, the loves of my life and the answers to my most desperate prayers! "Great is Thy faithfulness Lord unto me!" Amen!

The last month has been my favorite month ever with you! You are in the sweetest stage! Within the last 2 days, you've started calling us "mommy and daddy" instead of "mama and dada." We LOVE it! You know how to work your eyes to get what you want. Your facial expressions are classic. At the beach last week, when you wanted a bite of poppi's Klondike, you slowly walked over to his chair and put your chin and cheeks in your hands in the most angelic pose you could muster. It worked! We still giggle about that! Where did you learn it?! I am soaking in every moment with you lately! Please never stop being this sweet!

You talk up a storm and if you don't know the word, you take my hand and take me to what you want. You have a high pitched, girly voice. I need to do better about video taping you! You answer most questions asked of you. You frequently use the words "mommy, daddy, stuck, oh no, it broke, a snack (anything to do with food, really), bye bye, and I pooped." We're so smitten with you!

You are 20lbs and 31 inches tall. You wear a size 3 diaper when you wear one but you're still doing pretty well going on the potty. Clothing you is becoming difficult. You have a size 6-9 month waist, 18 month torso and 12-18 month length pants. Needless to say, you're the queen of dresses or seperates. Dressing you is still my most fun hooby!

You FINALLY sleep through the night. We've found a nice routine that works for us. You take a bath (your favorite time of the day!), watch 1 Curious George episode in my bed and then we read a story with Parker in the guest room. You like the Thomas book that sings "The wheels on the bus" and any Curious George book. We kiss Parker goodnight and then go to your room. We rock in your chair and you fail around until I sing "All Creatures of Our God and King." I have tried every song I know and this is the ONLY song that calms you down. I have NO idea why! I was so hoping you would love "You are My Sunshine" like I did as a child but when I sing it, you point at me and yell "NO!" Apparently, you like hymns before bed and that's just fine by me (although I'll admit sometimes I have to google the lyrics to the lesser known stanzas!). You usually sleep 7:30 or 8 until 6:15ish. Sometimes you'll crawl into my bed in the morning and snuggle me, fading in and out for a bit.... those are my favorite mornings!

You are the most amazing climber I've every seen for your age! I'm not exagerating. You're scary good. You're also an adventurous eater who grazes all day long and is eating me out of house and home. You're a typical sweet/spicy red head who lives by a "no bow, no go" policy. You light up a room and are a blessing to all who know you!

Avery Madison, you are my littlest love. I kiss your sweet face all day long! Although I feel like you were only a baby for 9 months, you will always be my precious baby girl! I am so proud of the sweet toddler you've become and can't wait for you to wake me up in the morning with your famous bear hugs! I love you, Avie!


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