Monday, May 27, 2013

Sand, Seahorses and Surgery.... a very random post

Goodness... where to start!

We finally got our saltwater tanks set up. We have one in the kitchen with 2 precious seahorses and one in the playroom with clownfish. We've determined the seahorse tank is too small and have already purchased a bigger home but it's gonna take a while to get up and running. Aren't they cute!?!
We paid extra for "yellow" seahorses.... and they were this vibrant yellow when they arrived... for 2 days. Who knew seahorses change color to match their environment. They are now a greenish tan to match the plants and rock but weren't they beautiful for 2 days!?!
Parker had his last day of 3 year preschool. On the 1st day of this schoolyear, I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up and he answered "a cow." On the last day, mama didn't have it nearly as together and someone was in no mood for pictures but he did tell me when he grew up, that he would be a "butterfly." When aked why, he responded "I just do." So there's that.... a man of few words unless confined in a car or when I need him to be quiet. haha
Here's the best shot of Parker I got on his last day of school.
Avery, on the other hand, was in photoshoot mode and I got 15 GREAT pictures of her in the same position. I'll spare you 14 of them but I couldn't resist sharing at least one!
Miss. Avery had her 2 year well check on Tuesday where we discovered that she's still a peanut. The doctor said her only "problem" is that she is skinny. What a problem, right? Sign me up.
The official stats
After her well check, the kids and I packed up and headed to Charleston with Tabitha and Makenna. Dean was working in Charleston for the week, so we all crashed in the Embasy Suites and enjoyed the beach, junk food and Tanger. Turns out.... 2 double beds + 3 adults + 3 kids doesn't equal sleep. We did have a fun day at Isle of Palms, though!
She is just too stinking cute!
Parker found a buddy and they spent a lot of time catching fish (and a starfish!) in the tide pools.
Sweet Makenna enjoyed running laps on the sand.
After a fun morning at the beach, we headed back to the hotel, showered off and went to Tanger where I hit up every children's store with all 3 kids in tow. Kuddos to moms of 3 toddlers.... it was ROUGH!  I had planned to go back by myself for a little "Taylor time" but we decided to head home while the kids slept in the car.
While I was bummed to go home, I could tell Tabitha really wanted to go. The Lord works in mysterious ways because while packing up, I started to feel odd pains in my chest. They got increasingly worse as I drove the 3 1/2 hours home. About 45 mins from home, I decided something was NOT right and no amount of children's chewable Tylenol was going to do the trick so Daniel met me in our garage and drove me straight to the ER. Thank goodness we were home instead of in Charleston because I needed gallbladder surgery.... and morphine!
For your viewing pleasure, here is a picture of my gallbladder which was 3 times the normal size and 2 gigantic gallstones.
WORST.PAIN.EVER.  Thankfully, while sore, I'm recovering well. :)
That about sums up our last 2 weeks. Next up... Great Wolf Lodge!


  1. that gallbladder pain is just plain awful. I think no one else understands it until it happens to them. Hope your recovery goes really well and you have no issues!

    1. Labor is the closest pain I can relate it to but without the cute prize at the end! I agree.... excruciating pain! But 6 days later, I was at Great Wolf Lodge ;)