Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Oak Island - May Beach Trip

Last week the kids and I packed up and headed to the beach with my parents. They rented a house in Oak Island, NC a few weeks throughout the year and last week happened to be one of them. We were sure we'd have high 70's/low 80's and beautiful beach weather.... but... we got low/mid 60's and clouds. Boo. But, one thing is for sure, regardless of the weather, my kids will wear bathing suits and play in the sand, blue lips and all. Thankfully, we did get some sunny moments here and there and I got my fix of sandy toes and umbrella drinks. Daniel was supposed to meet us Thursday and stay through Sunday but since it was so windy and calling for rain, we just headed home to warmer weather and our own beds.

Waterwheel fun.... Best $1.50 I've spent in a long time.
We played on swings and scouted out places in the movie Safe Haven (filmed in Southport next to Oak Island). Sadly, I did not see Josh Duhamel.
We took the ferry to Fort Fisher and went to the NC aquarium. It is beautiful and we really enjoyed our time there.  Funny note about this picture.... my dad is smiling.... at an alligator trying to attack the lady cleaning its habitat and the other lady with a broom trying to keep it away from her. Probably not the safest way to clean glass... just sayin'.
No vacation would be complete without ice cream! Side note.... did that sedan park on the bumper of the SUV?! I just noticed that!
Playing at the park in Southport.
This crazy girl wanted to swim SO badly but the water was breathtakingly cold!
Chasing waves is a super fun game!
I love this iPhone picture of Avery!
A framer for sure!
Just us, some seagulls and a fisherman (from the town daniel grew up in! What are the odds?!)
A fisherman near us would call us over every time he caught something so the kids could touch it.
A hammerhead shark! It was pretty cool. I actually touched it and it felt like sand paper.
The pictures uploaded in a weird order but we're gonna roll with it. Despite the not so beachy weather, the kids had a wonderful time and I came back relaxed. Oak Island is a bit sleeper than I'm used to (I'm a Hilton Head snob) but I couldn't say nicer things about the residents of Oak Island and Southport. They are geniunely sweet people. It's a safe and clean beach that we look forward to going back to in late June. Fingers crossed for mid- 80's with a slight breeze! :)


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