Friday, May 10, 2013

It's officially pool season!

It's officially pool season... for my kids that is.... I require a minimum of 10 more degrees before I venture out of ankle deep water. I believe the 1st pool day was 60 degrees and rainy so we held off until it was at least 80. Well, yesterday was 84 according to my car so we loaded up the wagon and headed to the pool. It was cooollllddd but they had a great time splashing around with their buddies. They both played more on the side of the pool than in the pool but both did swim for a bit. I kept to my rule and monitored from the side with a little "mom juice."

Lock up your sons.
Squirt gun fun!
Typical Avery... floating around
I think this picture looks like she's about to do water aerobics. I'm dying over that sweet polka dot Target hat!
Makenna also enjoyed her 1st dip of the season.
Jumping right in!
I think this officially means my summer has started!


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