Thursday, April 25, 2013

Midweek Confessions!

I'm a day late on the midweek confession link party at E, Myself and I but better late than never! ;)

Let's dive on in!

Today, while on the elliptical, I turned the TV onto PBS and watched Super Why for a good 10 minutes before I remembered I was at the gym and could watch "real" TV!  If it's 9am, my brain just naturally thinks "Super Why." Spoiler alert.... the Super Readers saved the day.

Speaking of the gym... I've been going to the YMCA consistently now 3-5 times a week since February... I have gained 3 pounds.  I do; however, feel much stronger and more toned in my legs, butt, shoulders and arms. 28; however, has not been kind to my torso. Do you know the muffin man? Because I sure do.

As I've mentioned before, Daniel and I are building a retaining wall (The Great Wall of Wise Part 2) and a massive garden.... like feed the neighborhood veggies all summer big. We have 28 strawberry plants... so come on down to the Wise Family Farm. But that isn't the confession... since I've been spending every day (and night) in the yard, I've neglected laundry big time. Not only do I have a "Mt. Saint I hate folding laundry," it has spawned a whole mountain range of clean, unfolded and now wrinkly laundry. I'm praying for a rainy day so I'm forced to fold it all. Who am I kidding... I need a rainy week!

My kids have been super into tracing my body with chalk on the driveway. They're awful at it. I always look obese with broken legs and webbed fingers. I've been trying to teach them to trace up against my body to no avail. I think I'm getting a complex looking at all these "chalk mommies" all over my driveway! I may or may not hose them off every night if I know it's not supposed to rain.

Last weekend was Daniel and my anniversary. We went to a nice dinner and had a pedicure together. Daniel's first! Is there much more embarrassing than when the nail lady points to your face and says "Want me to wax that?!" It was super romantic, as you can imagine.

Your turn! Add your confessions below in the comments or on facebook. I always love hearing them!

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