Thursday, April 5, 2012

Zury is 3!

Last Friday we celebrated our dear friend Zury's 3rd birthday! It was a precious cow girl party and her super mom, Amber, went way over the top with a real pony, awesome food, beautiful decorations and a stick pony as a favor. Who doesn't love a stick pony!?!

Parker was in a funk and refused to ride or get within 40 feet of the pony but he sure enjoyed swinging and playing on the play gym. SO much so that if anyone was in the baby swing, he'd whine until it was his turn again. Despite his less than stellar attitude, we still had a wonderful time!  Once Parker discovered the stick pony and how fun it was to jump off the hay, he was good to go. I was so pleased to get some good pictures of Parker smiling. If you're a frequent blog reader, you know good pictures of my picture hating Parker are hard to come by!

I took 200 photos of the party but here are my favorites of my kids:
This may be my favorite photo of Avery and I ever. I edited it on my computer and cropped out the man but then my computer went to heaven and now I'm using Daniel's work computer. Shh! Don't tell him!


The hubs was pretty excited that he wont have to buy her a pony any time soon.

Most precious face, ever! Yes, my dear... cake pops ARE THAT GOOD!

How cute is that face with the stick pony!

Hurling himself off the hay.

Love the hair and the face!

Happy Birthday, Zury!!!

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  1. So cute! Love the kids outfis, and yours too! :)