Sunday, April 15, 2012

Family Easter Picture

If you've read the blog for a while, you know that a good family picture is something I have wanted FOREVER! Parker and the hubs hate taking pictures, Avery is only sometimes looking and I have a crooked smile that I try to remember to correct before the picture is taken but sometimes forget. So basically, we have not one single AWESOME family picture. We try EVERY holiday or time where we're all dressed decent and have someone to take it. Don't get me wrong... we HAVE family pictures just not a 16x20 canvas blow up worthy one. One day I'm sure I'll cherish these real life moments more that a perfectly posed one, right? Until I get to that point. gosh darn it... we'll still try for that illusive family photo! 

Without further adieu... I present you the Wise Family Easter 2012 picture:
Parker cracks me UP in this photo! First off, those LOVELY glasses were an Easter basket gift from my mother who thought they were funny. Unfortunately, he wore them ALL DAY LONG and thus are in every Easter photo. No. his pants are NOT too short but they look ridiculous in this photo. Avery had already removed her bow and pretty shoes (tear) and has spent the last month with at least one finger in her mouth. Daniel looks happy knowing we're taking another non 16x20 canvas blow up for the living room shot and I look pregnant (no rumors! I'm very much NOT!). Another photo for the "we take horrible family photos archive!" Oh memories!

We did get a few sweet shots on Easter before my camera died but I thought you might get a kick out of the family photo.

Avery diving into her Easter basket (and part of Parker's leg/rear end. Whoops! We're potty training, bottomless)

Risky Business

On the hunt for some eggs

I should carry this photo in my purse as an answer to "where did she get her red hair?" ... which I get asked at LEAST once a day, no kidding. I LOVE that red hair and my daddy who gave it to her!

Not the best picture of Avie but my sister sure is BEAUTIFUL!

Finally a picture of Avery's sweet face without her finger in her mouth!

So while this wasn't our most photogenic holiday, a bit to my dismay... it was a wonderfully lovely day celebrating our risen Savior with our sweet family.

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  1. family pictures are precious, whether they are perfect or not. At least you took the time to get everyone together. You will all look back on these one day and smile! :)