Monday, April 16, 2012

Baby Makenna

This is a wee bit late BUT we had the most precious guest on Easter weekend. Baby Makenna (and her parents but they are way less cute and cuddly) came to stay with us. I'd like to say I got lots of baby snuggles BUT a little red headed spit fire was NOT enjoying sharing her mommy and Mr. Parker wanted the baby all to himself! I was SHOCKED! He asked to hold the baby and just chilled on the couch with her while watching a movie. If she fussed, he'd put her paci in and the second someone took her away he wanted her back. I usually wake up to "hi mommy!" but on Saturday I woke up to "Where's baby kenna?" Tabitha, Makenna's mom, and I have determined they are destined to be married so here are some photos for the wedding slide show:

I could just eat them up! Makenna is coming back in May for Avery's birthday and I'm hoping to get in some more baby snuggle time when Avery's napping or in bed if Parker will hand her over!


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