Thursday, April 26, 2012

Preparing for Avery's 1st Birthday

Avery turns 1 on May 5th... tear.... I still have invitations to her "cookout" (because "party" sounded too official) on my console table by the front door. I've been in NO rush to plan this "gathering" or mail out the invitations because I'm in total denial. I say this as my 11 month old walks around the kitchen floor reorganizing my kitchen chairs while drinking a Capri Sun (I don't think I gave Parker a capri sun until he was 18 months.... oh 2nd child syndrome). She seems so tiny to me and at the same time mature beyond her years. There are moments I can't believe she's 1 and other times I feel like I should be planning her 2nd birthday party... those moments are when her 2 year old attitude erupts.... I just keep reassuring myself that means she'll conquer the "3's" at 2 and so forth so maybe she'll be well behaved before other kid's her age? A leader? Wise beyond her years? I can dream...

The theme for the party is "cute and girly".... because I'm not a theme kinda girl. I got some cupcake stuff, some polka dots, lots of pink, some candy.... and hamburgers. I have a vision. I'm 99% sure that 10% of my vision will ACTUALLY happen (darn you Pinterest) but in my mind, it's precious. My mental picture of the party also includes me being totally unstressed and well behaved toddlers playing outside on a 75 degree weather evening with sunshine and a slight breeze while mamas sip margaritas and dads grill and play with the aforementioned well behaved toddlers on the swing set and bounce house. I think I may need to readjust my expectations ever so slightly, no?! hehe

One thing I really wanted to do was a banner for the mantle with a picture from each month. During the kid's nap time (YES... NAP... both of them. Praise be to the Lord!), I went through 12 months of Avery photos. It's so fun to look back at the different phases and notice growth spurts and milestones my frazzled mommy brain has already forgotten.

Check out this cuteness!

Umm.... I could just eat her up! I suppose it's officially time to embrace Avery being 1... it's a new chapter in the Wise Family. Time to sell the baby gear and bring on the dolls and Disney Princesses. I'm ready (well not really but I'm working on getting there). I'm going to miss a lot about Avery being a baby but I think as long as some of my friends keep procreating and letting me snuggle a newborn here and there, I should get my baby fix in and be perfectly fine being the mom of 2 toddlers! :) Hpapy (almost) Birthday, Avery! Check back for her party post in 2ish weeks!

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  1. What a sweetie! My favorite picture is the one of her chilling in someone's lap with her own personal fan. Lil diva! :)