Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter boat ride

I had this vision of colorful Easter pictures of the kids in their Sunday best but after a wonderful church service we went to lunch and opted for a very fabulously untraditional easter meal of Mexican food. It was delish! Parker's white pants really enjoyed the salsa and Averys smocked bunnies enjoyed their cheese quesadillas as well. Oh well! Maybe next year!

After lunch we took a wonderfully relaxing boat ride. The "nana Easter bunny" gave Parker these fabulously jersey shore sunglasses. I suppose they're better than the pink giraffe ones he usually wears but my heart would be so happy if he would wear his horn rimmed shades. Oh well. At least they aren't toy story ones. You know I'd just die and never post pictures if he wore character ones!

Miss Avery and my dad enjoyed relaxing and napping in the shade while those of us with the ability to tan were like lizards on a rock in the front if the boat. We found a few ducks for Parker so the day was a success. Every day with a duck seems to be Parker's best day :)

Here are a few iPhone boat pics of the afternoon. I think my favorite is kelly and Parker's rendition of jersey shore. Haha


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