Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pop Tarts for Dinner

Someone ate pop tarts for dinner in my house and it wasn't me! Who was it you ask? ... my dogs... Ellie and Moses. Poor things... I forgot to go to Petsmart today. Whoops! I figured a pop tart is a better dinner than nothing, right? Here's the deal, Ellie and Moses (mostly Moses) were my BABIES before I had an actual human baby... and now.... they're dogs.

Everyone told me when I was pregnant that my precious Ellie (a chocolate cocker spaniel) and Moses Dudley (a fawn, highly overweight pug) would move down a few notches on the totem pole in my heart. I, of course, denied this up until the morning I brought home tiny, infant 4 pound Parker. On April 13, 2009, Ellie and Moses became dogs. Prior to March 21st (the day Parker was born), there were days Moses and Daniel shared about the same amount of my heart. I know this is TERRIBLE to admit... but it's true. I had a sick love obsession with my pug. Now, my priorities are in line... and thus... they are eating a pop tart for dinner.

I still love them dearly and they're treated VERY well! They have a fenced in backyard, fluffy beds, get walked multiple times a day, eat more expensive food than I feed myself and have a live in dog sitter when we go on vacation. They aren't lacking in love... they just aren't being carried around in snugglies anymore. Wait did I do that? YES... in college I actually put Moses in a snuggly once (or was it twice... you'll never know)! I think their new position in my life is healthy. Parker and Daniel should be my priority and the dogs come second to that WHICH is why they don't have kibble tonight for dinner! I had a lot on my plate today for our human baby and my hubby SOOOO............

Doggies, tonight you dine on Pop Tarts... tomorrow.... back to your kibble. Enjoy your mommy slip up day!


  1. They might have enjoyed the pop tarts better than the kibble ;) I will have to keep that in mind for when(becuase I know it WILL happen at one point) I forget (or my hubby) to buy dog food!

  2. I'm right there with ya Taylor! Poor doggies! But I will admit, he gets more walks now b/c i like to push Coleman in the stroller! ha!

  3. haha. i can';t tell you how many times duke gets fed at 2am, because we lay in bed and are like, "did you feed duke?" "no, did you?" "no. crap!"

    and i was the same way. duke was my baby, now he is my dog =( it's sad, but also