Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Good Parenting is Sexy

I'm baaacckkkk! Ahh.... vacation. It was WONDERFUL! We played in the pool, rode bikes, walked on the beach, ate good food and got really spoiled having my mom to entertain Parker. All in all, a great and relaxing week! My favorite part of the vacation, you ask? ..... watching my husband play with our son. This was the first whole week that Daniel has had off work since Parker was born and watching their relationship grow is, well.... downright sexy.

Daniel always told me that he'd love our baby but that he'd REALLY love if he/she came out a toddler and now I know why. Poor guy was CLUELESS when Parker was born. He wouldn't pick him up or adjust him once I'd placed Parker on his body because he was so afraid he was going to break him.... he was SOOO tiny. Now, Daniel launches him in the air so high I forget to breathe for a second.

When did Daniel become SO good with Parker? He's evolved into an AMAZING and involved dad and it melts my heart. As I watch Daniel's relationship flourish with Parker, our family has become so close! I LOVE (is there a stronger word?) my family!!!! Side Note: I love coffee too but my love for Daniel and Parker is so much greater so it seems so silly to use the same word. Now that Parker can show Daniel what he wants and has preferences, Daniel is having so much fun with his little buddy! They play ball, take cozy coupe rides, wrestle..... it's adorable! I literally cried the other day watching him tickle Parker to tears (which isn't saying much because I cry at ASPCA commercials and when Ellen gives away free things to needy families.... but you get the point!) It's SOOOOO cute and beyond that.... I am more attracted to my husband right now than I've ever been! Who knew being an awesome daddy would be SOO sexy! I'm betting most of you mommies know what I'm talking about. Is there anything sexier than your baby sleeping on your sleeping husband's chest? I think not!

All this to say.... Daniel, I LOVE you. I love our son and the family we're creating. You're a wonderful father and our son is lucky to call you "dada."


  1. I TOTALL know what you mean. Eric is just now getting comfortable with Noah and its the cutest thing when he's playing with him and Noah is just bursting with laughter. I love it.

  2. i walked in bella's room a couple of days ago, and joel was sitting on the floor reading to bella. it was the cutest thing. EVER! and yes, it is definitely attractive when they are good daddy's. =)