Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Boogers on the Baseboards

My best Clemson girlfriends are coming in town this weekend for a wedding and I am SOOO excited to see them... BUT..... you know what their visit means? Cleaning..... like serious cleaning and guess what........ I've accomplished maybe 15% of what I wanted to get done as to avoid constant "Please excuse my house's." The thing is... they.don'! They're non-judgmental... I'M the one judging my house.

I guarantee they won't notice the boogers on my baseboards, the ravioli stain on the wall or the fact that my centerpiece orchid died today (I forgot about the poor thing on the patio yesterday when I was re-potting it! TEAR... I kept it alive for 2 years which is a lifetime for plants in my house). The thing is.... I will notice. I will slide my body around the room so I'm covering the stain on the wall that could be easily fixed if I would just do touch up paint on the stain, pick all the boogers off the wall and make a trip to Home Depot in the morning for a new orchid.... but I won't. I'll vacuum, sweep, mop (possibly!), clean their bathroom, put new sheets on the bed and apologize once an hour, on the hour, for everything else.

I ALWAYS find something else to do instead of clean. I LOVE a clean house and it is usually acceptably clean but I'd LOVE to be one of those moms who can open her door anytime and it look impeccable. You know who you are and I hate you! Wanna know what else I really can't stand? No... well, I'll tell you anyways.... moms who work and say "if I were a stay at home mom, my house would be clean all of the time." Lights me on fire. WRONG! If you were a stay at home mom, your kids would also be home and thus your home will look like a tornado comes through once an hour. I say this from experience with a T-5 tornado of my own.

Blogging is a nice distraction from cleaning. So is facebook, errands, neighborhood friends, re-reading Eclipse for the 3rd time, shopping, walking the dogs, playing with Parker, plucking my eyebrows..... you get it... and I've done them all now.... so I guess it's time to .... (duh duh duh......) CLEAN! One day I'll figure this whole "balancing act out" ..... won't I?


  1. haha. bella isn't even walking yet, and somehow manages to destroy the house too. so i see it won't get better anytime soon....and i am sure your house is amazing. =) have fun with your friends this weekend!

  2. No worries here, I'm a working mom...which means Noah is only there from the hours of 6PM till 7AM and my house looks like a tornado came thru it...haha I'm a cleaning freak too though, so every night after he's in bed I start. Not to mention on Saturdays, thats when I vaccum, swifter, mop, clean the bathrooms...which doesn't alway go as planned since I have to do it while he's sleeping. haha And he's not even crawling or walking yet!!! you Justine, I see it will only be getting worse :) Have a great time this weekend!

  3. I have Conner hair tumbleweeds floating through my house! Coleman doesn't seem to mind! ha! I did sweep AND vaccum the other day! GO ME! but i'd much rather spend time with Coleman and then go straight to bed when he does! ha! Maybe I should hire a maid to come in once or twice a month to do all the dirty dirty work!

  4. I've seriously thought about it! Hiring one to do the baseboards, windows etc! Leah, you're lucky you only have to vacuum once a week! I have to vacuum once a day!!!!!!! Pugs shed like crazy and I have no clue how all the other crap gets there. Snack food somehow gets from the highchair to the carpet.... Oh well! It is what it is!

  5. Oh, well don't get me wrong I very well COULD vaccum every day. We have two mutts, who are short haired and they shed like crazy and we have hard woods, so the swifter will satisfy me until I can deep clean on Saturdays :)