Thursday, June 10, 2010

Is it 2pm on Friday yet?

The time has come! Our yearly Hilton Head family vacation starts TOMORROW!!!! You have no idea (or maybe some of you do) how much I NEED this vacation! Yes, my life is a vacation according to my husband and it really is amazing BUT.... starting tomorrow, I get a whole week away from my house, my laundry, my dishes, my dogs, my dust buster, my broom... you get the point! The last time Daniel took a week off was when Parker was born and that was no vacation! Starting tomorrow, my decision making will be limited to: Should we go to the pool or the beach? Pancakes or waffles for breakfast? Lily sundress or Lily tank top with a white skirt? Simple, easy breezy, carefree! Can you tell my mind is already on vacation?

Another reason I'm SUPER excited about this vacation is the wardrobe I have accumulated... no, not for me... for Parker. There's the gymboree swim trucks and matching rash guards, the gingham Jon Jon monogrammed with his name and an alligator, His purple seersucker Jon Jon with an applique whale, seersucker shorts to match daddy's with a white collared shirt..... I'm SOOO excited! Pictures to come! I LOVE beach clothes!

Is it 2pm on Friday yet???????

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  1. I already have Coleman's beach wardrobe ready for our trip at the end of July! ha! i know what you mean!