Thursday, February 27, 2014

Midweekish Confessions

Good morning! I slept about 11 hours last night after driving to the mountains, snow tubing for less than an hour and driving back. It was MUCH needed rest and I feel much more refreshed today. My whole family slept on the car ride home and since I'm the "rallier" of the family, I drove back, the whole time jealous of their sweet slumber. Who knew snow tubing for about 45 minutes would be so exhausting?

Lets do some confessing!

1. A random lady walked up to Avery and I at Old Navy the other week and asked if she could use Avery for a photoshoot for her photography business media pieces. She was super nice so I gave her my information. She touched based with me and in my excitement about springy pictures, I sent her endlessly long FB messages about ideas, outfits etc... Hi my name is Taylor and I like to wildly overwhelm people.  It took her about 2 weeks to respond to me and she thanked me for my "shocking enthusiasm." Whoops.

2. While I got ready this morning to take the kids to preschool, Avery self served a super healthy breakfast of a fudgesicle. I have obviously instilled very healthy eating habits into my children.

3. I had a clean clothes pile waiting to be folded and a dirty clothes pile in my room. They have merged and now I'm not sure which is which.... so I've done nothing instead. I am mostly writing this blog to avoid said laundry.

4. You have to be 3 to go snow tubing so we taught Avery that when people ask her how old she is, she needs to say "3." I know... stellar parenting. Fortunately, she usually answers "8" because LEGO junior builder boxes say ages 4-8 and Parker says he's 4 and Avery can be 8 so she can play too. That way, my 2 year old isn't lying about her age, her 29 year old mother is. SO much better.

5. I bought Parker Avenger bed sheets the other day (something I said I'd NEVER DO!) because when I wash his sheets, I have to put them back on the top bunk before bed and without Daniel, that's SUPER difficult. I literally fell backwards into the LEGO table last week while Daniel was out of town trying to put clean sheets on this darn bed. Parker was SO excited about his Avenger sheets that he asked to go to bed an hour before bedtime. I'm going to try it with Avery. I don't even care what the sheets look like if it gets that child to go to bed an hour early and with enthusiasm.

And the winner is...
6. I had my hair cut at a salon called "Pretty Little Thang" this morning. You see, my split ends were getting out of control so this morning after preschool drop off, I went to my usual hair place (and by usual I mean, I go there 3 times a year because I don't properly take care of my hair and wait until it is downright awful to be cut). I walked in, sat down and started looking at hair magazines but they weren't the look I was going for.  Bless my obivilous heart. I was called to the chair and this SUPER friendly older gentleman asked me how I wanted my hair done. I told him just a nice trim to get the dead ends off and he looked confused but rolled with it. He immediately began talking to me and we chatted it up for a while about his son, the state of Montana and how Indian Trail was once goat fields. I don't have a clue about any of those 3 subjects so I smiled and listened. He was SO friendly!

It took me a solid 30 minutes to realize that every station had those super hot curlers, that he was brushing my hair with a pick and that all of the pictures on the wall were featuring different braiding and styling techniques.

That is correct my friends, I had my hair cut at "Pretty Little Thang" the neighborhood African American braiding and styling salon. At the end he told me "I don't have this kind of cut on my menu so how does $15 sound?" Umm... it sounds great thank you very much. Despite some unusual techniques and his lack of a curling iron that wouldn't burn my hair off, I actually REALLY like the cut. He was super friendly and for the price of Great Clips, I just may be his only 3 times a year white client.

Who's got some confessing to do today?


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