Friday, February 14, 2014


Happy Valentine's Day, friends! This isn't a holiday we celebrate too much but I do like any excuse to buy myself some grocery store flowers :)

We gave the kids a cupcake and a balloon and you would have thought it was Christmas. It's the simple things, isn't it?

The highlight of my day was leaving the house! After 4 days of being snowed in with 12 inches of snow, I was SO excited to buy groceries and see people. I ran out of Dr. Pepper on day 1, wine on day 2 and ice cream on day 3 so by day 4.... I was running on actually healthy food and very little sugar... it was a sad affair. My 1st stop in Harris Teeter was to the L*O*N*G but oh so worth it Starbucks line. After some straightening up and putting away our bulky snow clothes, I headed out to the mall to hit up the Gymboree sale. 50% off already on sale items for big boys and girls... the baby sale starts Tuesday. Whoop Whoop! We may have snow on the ground but my mind is on 80 degree days ahead! {and a cruise we are seriously considering booking and I might pee my pants I'm so exited!}

We don't get much snow in North Carolina but when we do, our state shuts down. Everyone runs to the store to buy bread, milk, soup and wine. Seriously... it sells out. I stocked up, but obviously not very well, on the essentials and we were ready for the flurries. I was shocked at how fast it accumulated! I don't think I've ever seen this much snow in Charlotte. 
This is the 1st day. We didn't have much snow yet but we couldn't wait to sled!
Avery is slightly obsessed with the movie "Frozen." Message me if you want to know how to watch it! It's leaked online but I don't want to post where in case I get in trouble! I can't tell you how many times she has sang me the line "Do you want to build a snowman?" the last few days. We have made many... and they're all named Olaf.
Snow dog! Ivy wasn't a fan. Poor thing couldn't even walk in it.
Snow bunnies!
Olaf #6... or was it 7?
Snow angels!
This is the "I'm about to chuck this at your face" look.
 Parker really enjoyed sledding and "ice skating" on the sleet. We didn't get any good sledding pictures but I did take this obnoxious mom voice video :)

Avery was the snow princess. She wanted to play in it ALL. DAY. LONG. Parker was content to sled until any part of him got wet or cold. About the only way to get Miss. A in the house was to let her watch Frozen which we may have binged on a bit this week. I'm pretty sure Avery has a future in Broadway singing, no?
We had a blast in the snow but I'm happy to see it melting quickly!

Dear God,

Thank you SO much for the snow. It was truly spectacular. It's beautiful and fun to play in. I now invite you to make it 75+ degrees until September.

Love ya!



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