Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Facts, Random Ramblings and Questions

I have a whole bunch of random things to blog so I figured we'd call this post "Fact"... all random and factual things swimming around in my head.

Fact 1: The "Pandora Hillsong" channel is killin' it this morning. Swiffering my floors has been a spiritual experience this morning.

Fact 2: Avery started calling me "mom." I'm really missing the extra "m y." Thankfully, my almost 5 year old is still hanging tight to "mommy." They can call me that when they're 45 and I will be delighted.

Fact 3: I cannot for the life of me make my new floors look clean without streaks. Help me out. What's the best way to clean dark laminate wood floors?

Fact 4: We removed all of Parker's car seat pieces to clean it after our backroads mountain car sickness extravaganza and I JUST put it back together a week later because it is wildly overwhelming and too many parts. Thankfully, I can still squish him into our extra Britax convertible but good night those things are a PAIN to clean. I wish there was a car seat cleaning, putting back together and installing service. I would pay good money for that. Thank God for You Tube videos on how to do darn near anything.

Fact 5: My neighbor's tree dumps like 9 million acorns and leaves all over our backyard and our neighborhood squirrels didn't even put a dint in them. The best way I could find to remove said acorns is $395 which seems a lot to eradicate my neighbor's acorns. I tried making it a game called "squirrel" for Avery but she only lasted 7 acorns. Do I ask my neighbor's property management company to cut the branches that fall over our property line? Ask for them to pay for said $395 acorn remover? Or do nothing while begrudgingly removing them? (Note: my neighbors are SUPER sweet but renters so it isn't their decision)

Fact 6: I am seriously considering buying this swim shirt. Is that super dorky? Too Duggar family? I'm thinking it may be nice for chillier pool days and for skin cancer concerns. I mean, lets be honest... it's a big jump from bikini to long sleeve swim shirt but I think it's kinda cute and super practical! Thoughts? I know Cayce B will be ALL FOR this shirt and it comes in other patterns, albeit some are a bit matronly.
Fact 7: I'm in a pretty serious dilemma... I LOVE having 1 Dr. Pepper a day... 2 if the kids are driving me nutso and I need a few blissful, bubbly non-alcoholic moments. BUT. and it's a big but... or maybe butt.... hehe... I drop 4ish pounds every time I quit the DP. We're going on a cruise in May and I wanna look not bad good. So... do I quit the DP and loose 4ish pounds or keep the DP and wear aforementioned long sleeve swim shirt? Pretty big life decision right there.

Fact 8: Y'all need to answer these questions for me. No really. Comment here on the blog or on facebook. ;)  


  1. Hey Taylor! Since you asked for input....

    3 - We have dark wood floors (not laminate) so this may not help but I use Bona hardwood floor cleaner and Scotch Brite microfiber hardwood floor mop. Most of the time I just use the mop by itself to get dust and crumbs but then every couple weeks I use the floor cleaner with the mop to get a real good clean.

    5 - I would definitely talk to the property mgt group to see what can be done. Nobody has time to pick up that many acorns.

    6 - So at first I thought this was a pajama top with underwear until I read the description. Maybe it looks more like a swim top in person though. I am also a big fan of not getting skin cancer while loving pool/swim season (I always have a giant hat on) so I wouldn't be surprised to see myself in one.

    7. I say quit the DP or just cut back to one or two a week as a special treat :) You will feel better about yourself and accomplished after dropping those few pounds for your cruise (how fun to cruise again BTW!). Although this is coming from someone that basically never drinks soda so my opinion may not count much on this matter.

    1. Thank you so much, Emily! Loved the advice!!!!

    2. Taylor did you buy the swim shirt? I was thinking about getting one and wondering what you thought after you bought it and wore it?

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