Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Natural Bloom Photography Shoot

I can't wait to share Parker's birthday party pictures with you but I know that's going to be a lengthier post so until there is time, I wanted to share some fun pictures a local photographer took. 

Remember the lady I met in Old Navy that I overwhelmed with my "shocking enthusiasm" for all things photography? Well, we met up one morning 2 weeks ago and snapped a few springy pictures for the photographer's media pieces. It was the day after daylight savings so we were a little off on the "good light" but still got quite a few keepers. 
It was a tad chillier than we had hoped since winter just doesn't seem to want to let go but Avery was a trooper for the most part. It's amazing what bubbles, balls and whacking your head with a stick while dancing behind the photographer will get you!

I love this Persnickety outfit! Girl clothes are SO fun!

 This is Avery's default face... we see this face MANY times during the day. Sassy little thing!
 I picked Avery up to change her outfit and she latched on like a Koala... could be because it was like 40 degrees. Thankfully, any time Avery has a photoshoot, I always coordinate in case I need to be in any pictures to get her to smile or keep her safe (ie, heights, in a tree etc...)
 I love my sweet girl!

 I finally got the little booger changed but she wouldn't let me put her down! I certainly didn't mind the snuggles :)
 This floral dress is from Cheeky Plum on facebook. They have sales as they have inventory but you better be fast! They sell out in minutes! A similar company I've also been purchasing from lately is SweetHoney. Their outfits sell out in 1 minute or less.... literally! It gets my heart pumping... so really, online shopping with them is basically cardio! Check them out... or don't.... I wouldn't want you decreasing my chances of scoring one of these pretty frocks!
Target of all places is rocking it out this spring with adorable little girl shoes! 
 I hope she always lets me hold her like this. When I'm 60, I hope my 34 year old daughter will let me pick her up and she'll snuggle into my neck. You think I'm kidding...
It wouldn't be a photoshoot with a 2 year old without an outtake or 12....

Sorry I'm not sorry for photo overload. I'll never get tired of blasting this blog with pictures of my treasures from heaven! 

If you're in the Charlotte area and are looking for an affordable family photographer, check out Natural Bloom Photography!


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