Tuesday, July 19, 2011


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So.. what's up at the Wise household?
DUCKS. Thomas the Train. Diaper changes. DUCKS. Eating. A little monogramming. DUCKS. Diaper changes. DUCKS..... you get the picture ;)

Parker is still SUPER into ducks but I have good news... we've expanded our viewing options past Curious George (duck episode) and Thomas and Friends (the Lion of Sodor). We can now watch Thomas and Friends Misty Island Rescue and... SWAMP PEOPLE! YAY! There is an episode with ducks (yes people are shooting the ducks but it doesn't show that!) so now he scans the swamps for ducks which is a MUCH needed break from "choo choo" and "uh uh UHHH (George's monkey sound)" We stick to season 2 with Parker since they don't actually show the alligators being killed in season 2. Honestly, he really just plays trains on the floor and when he sees the water, he jumps up and looks for ducks. It's kinda cute.

Let's discuss Swamp People.... every time I mention my new guilty pleasure, I get a version of this reply "Oh my goodness, I LOVE that show! My favorite person is...." Men and women both. How many of you just said that? I love human interest stories and these are just good, Southern, "livin' off the land" folks. Here are my top 10 reasons I love Swamp People (in no particular order):

1. I think it's hilarious to read captions of people speaking the same language I speak. Close your eyes and try to interpret it without the captions... especially the brothers who hunt bullfrogs and rabbits. Next to impossible.
2. RJ's impecably braided rat tail. I need him to teach me to braid.
3. Willie... all of him. I love that he hunts potentially deadly snakes for $2 a snake. Bless his heart. I love his accent. I love that he weighs 150 pounds and almost every alligator comes close to pulling him in. I love his attitude... just an all around good Southern Cajun.
4. The extreme usage of phrases like "son of a gun" (I think I'm going to have to adopt that one) and "honey hole".
5.When Liz shoots an alligator and Troy says "see ya lata allagata!" haha
6. How they name the alligators and just know when they got "big Poppa" as if there is no other 11 foot alligator in the whole swamp that could be that one that they saw last hunting season and failed to capture.(ie. Moby, Big Poppa, Loch Ness, Hannibal)
7. Bruce's overall's and American flag bandanna. By far my FAVORITE moment in the entire show has been when Bruce fell out of the boat, wrestled the alligator and shot it with his "protection pistol" in the zipper front pocket of his cut off overalls. He's a good guy, proud American, and loves his Zebra cake eating dog, Tyler. 
8. That EVERY person on the show wears the same outfit EVERY day of the 30 day season. That HAS to stink!
9. How the alligators still move after they die. That would TOTALLY creep me out and yet they sit on top of them! I would have to put them in another boat!
10. That RJ moonlights as the #1 arm wrestler in America. The way these people make money is just amazing to me! I love how they're so family oriented and find a way to provide outside of a stereotypical job.

Alright, Swamp People fans, why do you like this show? For those of you who have missed out on this jewel, the season 2 finale is on Thursday night on the History Channel but you can check season 1 on netflix. Are there any other non network "jewels" that I'm missing out on? I can't believe I wanted until season 2 to discover Swamp People!


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