Thursday, July 21, 2011

Look who DOES exist!

Guess what.... I DO exist! See for yourself....
I almost NEVER hand off my camera. BUT today at TCBY, I was feeling rather chipper after shopping, finding an ADORABLE dress, drinking a little SBUX, and eating Qdoba AND sorbet (wow... that's a lot of calories when you write it down) SO I gave my mom my baby camera and let her snap a few. I'm so glad I did!
I know I'll cherish this sweet picture forever!
While I still prefer to be behind the lens, I am making a concerted effort to be in front of it more often! Now, if Parker would only sit still long enough to get one of us together! Baby steps.....


  1. Your blog is too cute! I love that you call your little girl "Miss A" - that was (and still is) my nickname! :)

  2. Thank you, Ashley! It's a cute nickname! :)