Sunday, July 31, 2011

Boating Babes

These kiddos LOVE nana and poppi's boat and so does their mama! 
The kids and I spent 2 days up at the lake this past week while Daniel was working out of town. Avery loved having three adults at her every peep to pick her up and Parker certainly loved having his beloved ducks within seconds of his request. Parker is a water rat and Avery has been going on the boat since she was 2 weeks old! In fact, we told my family we were pregnant with her while boating! 
This particular day, the ducks dined on animal crackers

OK, not a great picture of Avery but I look pretty good in this one... and by I, I mean my hair. bahaha, This Jillian Michael's video is clearly going to my head.

Parker showing poppi where he has located a duck. I swear this kid has a radar.

I told you she loves the boat! Look at that face!

Parker's beloved.

Me and my daddy!

Peyton "Pate" and Parker on the hunt for more ducks.

I LOVE when he wears his shades!

Drawing "i's" in the sand. It's the only letter he knows how to draw!

Parker and Pate taking a dip

She crashes about halfway through every boat outing. It must rock her to sleep!

Stuffing the ducks full of animal crackers. No. He didn't jump or fall in. He came close, but didn't. If he had... no big deal. The ducks would scatter and he can swim with his puddle jumper. :)
I'm dreading fall when my parent's pull the boat out of the water for the fall/winter. Poor Parker is going to go in duck withdrawals. Today I was going through his pants from last fall and found a pair of Janie and Jack mallard pants I bought him last year. They were size 12 months and bless his heart he did his best to put them on. Daniel and I were cracking up so I jumped on ebay and found a 2T and snagged them and a matching mallard sweater. If they came in the mail today, I swear Parker would have worn them even though it's in the high 90's.

Hopefully next week we have some days in the mid 80's. That would be PERFECT boating weather. Unlikely, I know... but I can wish!


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