Saturday, July 16, 2011

Night Night!

Parker was not always the easiest child in the world to put to bed but now... he's CAKE! Since he's been in his big boy bed and we've set a routine, it's been a breeze! He has a bobby (sippy cup of milk) in the den while winding down then I say "Parker, pick out what you want to take to bed tonight." Tonight, this was the line up:
It's hard to see but here's what he put in his bed and lovingly lined up.... 4th of July ducky, fireman ducky, police ducky, mallard stuffed duck, plain rubber ducky, stuffed goose, percy, wiff, 2 Thomas the trains, his Thomas flashlight and his singing/quacking duck. WHEW! That's 12 items! haha He meticlously lines them up then climbs in bed.
 We say our prayers
He tells us "Night night mommy. Night night daddy. Night Night Avie." heart melts.
Then it's light's out! Easy peasy! Bed time is between 7:30 and 8pm and he usually sleeps until about 7am. Now if we could just get Miss. A on that schedule! SOMEDAY, right!?


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