Monday, May 31, 2010

My son, the pretty boy

This weekend (after a few glasses of vino) my good friend dropped this bomb on me "If I have a boy, please don't hand me down Parker's clothes." ha ha. I'm pretty sure I was supposed to be offended but knowing her, this was in some round about way a compliment. I'm sure of it (maybe.. ha ha) Apparently Parker is... a pretty boy. It has come to my attention, that Parker owns 2 "play clothes." I think he is perfectly capable of playing in a collared shirt and madras short but apparently, boys are supposed to play in "swooshy pants" and character tees. If you've ever seen Parker's closet, the closest thing he has to a "character tee" is a tee shirt with a plaid crab on it. I'm not sure why boys have to wear Buzz Lightyear or Car's everyday... but apparently... as to not be labeled a "pretty boy" I've got to stock up on "play clothes."

Yesterday I went to Old Navy, Target and Marshalls and I didn't find ANYTHING I would take Parker in public in that would be considered "play clothes." I almost bought 2 outfits (had them in my hand and everything) because I felt like I had to buy them so he'd fit in but then I realized, that would just be compromising my taste for someone elses. At the end of the day... he's 14 months old.... I've decided his play clothes ARE his plaid Jon Jons, madras shorts and collared shirts. He'll grow out of them in a few months anyways so why not let him play in them. I've already been chatting with God about a girl next so all of Parker's clothes are going to be given away anyways... might as well look good while playing, right? I bought him a pair of crocs, though (which I said I'd NEVER do)... this must count for something!

Bottom line: When he's old enough to tell me what he wants to wear, as long as it's not tasteless, he can express himself through outfits of his choice. For now... I'll express me... in little boy clothes.

In efforts to aid in the masculinity of my son, my friend picked up this jewel from Walmart... Any baby redneck costume parties coming up soon? My son has an outfit! ha ha. I love you, anonymous friend! Thanks for all the laughs!


  1. i would totally take parker's hand-me-downs! i LOVE his style! ;) my sister tells me i am going to make bella too prissy because she only wears dresses. or babylegs, which my husband thinks are goofy. but they are SO cute!!! and she doesn't know if they are lame or not. so here's to dressing our babies the way we want. we did carry them/bear them/stay up all night with them, so who says we can't dress them how we want, too!! prep on girl!

  2. I'd take Parker's hand me downs as well! He's by far the best dressed 14 month old I know...and if he's comfy playing in those clothes then by all means let him! They grow out of them so fast you might as well ENJOY prepping him up before he's old enough to tell you he doesn't like it :) haha

  3. I wish my boyfriend dressed as well as your child! haha. You've always had fantastic taste! Besides, when I have kids, they can start a fraternity together ... at age 5 :)