Sunday, May 23, 2010

I made my son less masculine because I have a plastic shower curtain liner?

Did anyone else see tonight's episode of 60 minutes? Probably not... I'm sure most of you were "Lost" or had more interesting things to do but for those of us who enjoy the antics of Andy Rooney, 60 minutes is a Sunday night treat (until football season and then it gets booted off the DVR!). Tonight's 1st story was about how a substance called phthalates which is found in most plastics has been linked to boys being less masculine. In particular, studies show boys who are exposed to this while in the womb are more likely have a condition called hypospadias and undescended testicles! Parker had both as an infant! AHHH!!!!

(Parker, mommy's sorry for talking about your weinis on the internet) Does this mean Parker is more likely to be a girly-man? Should I remove all pink from his wardrobe? Bain Barbies? Buy him excessive amounts of transformers, toy soldiers and squirt guns? (wait... they're all plastic and contain phthalates). What do I do? The hernia and undescended testicle have been fixed surgically and we're waiting for the weinis to grow before making a decision about that surgery but should I be worried about this? The story said phthalates are in basically everything.... car dashboards, a lot of toys, shower curtain liners, steering wheels, even the feeding tubes used in the NICU ..... how do I keep him away from all of that... or do I? I swear I'd be content with Parker living in a bubble.... oh wait... I bet it contains phthalates.

Parker, I'll shelter you from a lot of things.... but it seems phthalates just won't be one of them.... enjoy your transformers, son just do me a solid and stop licking the shower curtain liner. Love ya, bud.... mom.


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