Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Funnies...Memes

It's FRIDAY!!!!! Although with the house on the market, Fridays are now actually just the day before my busiest and most productive 2 days of the week! This week, we had painters repaint the WHOLE house so we could market it as "move in ready." Blinds were removed, furniture was displaced, rooms were shifted and now my house is a lovely shade of nothingness. That's right. If beige is your heart's desire... I'm staring at the beigest of beiges. It's what stagers call "a blank canvas." Which is appropriate since it looks like... a blank canvas. Poor Avery must be dying to give it some life with another one of her famous chapstick or sharpie murals. She's an artist... she just can't help it.

We have a 2nd showing scheduled for tomorrow morning! Ekk! Prayers please! I have approximately 25 hours worth of work to cram into a 24 hour day (plus some sleep!) so what better time to put all that off for a blog post.

I am, as usual, late to the game (as in like 3 years late) but y'all....memes.... some of them are REALLY funny! My homeschool facebook group and a few clothing resale groups have "meme offs" on Fridays so I stole borrowed some for your viewing pleasure. I stuck with clean ones which limited my choices by about 75%....whew... some people are REALLY BIG FANS of using the F word in these things. I'd love for you to post some of your favorite memes in the comments section on facebook or write your own meme post and link it below! 

We'll start with the ecard memes....
The struggle is real!
I felt this way about 80% of the teenage girls I saw Christmas shopping. Heaven help me. It is my silent prayer that Avery goes this through a phase of turtlenecks and pleated khaki pants when she's 16.
Yep ... except replace Oreo with Klondikes or those scrumptious little M&M ice cream cookie sandwiches
My crock pot has saved my cooking but before I met my crock pot, this was the truth!
Avery catches me at least once a week at night with a treat when I think she's asleep. #busted
"Plant hospice center" should be a sign on my door.

Moving on to Kid Photo Memes.....

Why does he assume I plan this?! I do plan meals for the week but they aren't scheduled on a day?! What's the fun in that?
What a good Samaritan
haha. This was just cute.

Onto Animal Memes....
It happens...

I have no idea why I thought this was so funny but coffee was spilled in the process of saving this guy so I felt committed.
This one COULD be mean if you're 40 and single but don't hate me... I didn't come up with the cat lady stereotype. Plus some of those guys are pretty cute.

And finally.... onto random ones that I can't think of a category for...
NEVER EVER have I thrown away a Chapstick tube that was finished. They all go into the abyss with my socks and ponytail holders.
This is me.... EVERY.TIME Oceans (Hillsongs) comes on Pandora or is played at church. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME
Ladies, you're welcome.
This one meme could pretty much sum up 2003-2006 at Clemson University. We all wore North Face jackets and my only adventure in said North Face was to math tutoring sessions (there were many), football games and frat/sorority parties(which I suppose could count as an adventure depending on how the night went). We all wore the same jacket in varying colors and we were AWESOME.
There is so much truth to this. You might as well also throw in amusement parks.
So there you have it... Friday Funnies-Meme Edition. Leave yours in the comments!
UGH... must Google more memes to add to this post so I don't have to clean!!!!


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