Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Favorites

You know what is NOT my favorite? This cold rain after 4 days in the high 60's. I suppose it is January, though. I don't know about you but I would love one good snow day. I wanna sled and build a snowman (come on let's go and play.... you're welcome for getting that song stuck in your head) and then I want it to all melt and be 75 degrees and sunny with a slight breeze until summer. Is that too much to ask?

Today I thought I'd link up with some internet peeps to bring you my Friday favorites!

I'm in spring clothes buying January. The local boutique starts some of their spring preorders in January and I just can't help myself!

I'm loving finding some of my favorite Sweethoney dresses from last year on the facebook resell boards!
Mustard Pie has released 2 spring lines and they are to die for! I grabbed the outfit below from The Posh Closet and I can't wait for April to put it on Miss A!

The far right dress is Matilda Jane from an older line but I am hosting an MJ party February 6th if you want to come! If you're not local, you can still order through my trunk keeper. Contact me at if you're interested!

2. Livie and Luca Pro Tempore Shoes
Oh My Heavens. I was at our local boutique picking up the above tunic when I saw an angel of the shoe gods descend from the ceiling with a sign that said "50% off" hovering above these sparkly suede Livie and Luca Limited Edition Pro Tempore Petals...which is a heck of a name for toddler shoes.

Yes, I realize she'll only wear them until March but then I'll resell them next September for more than I paid on the Livie and Luca facebook resell boards. I kid you not. People go crazy for these things. I bought them in aqua and marigold.... my Paypal account appreciates the violet and gray were out of stock in her size. They're 50% off right now, making them $30 but you need an online code to get that price. Call the boutique linked above and they'll give it to you or refund you the difference :)
Of course it rained today... so I put the marigold ones on her anyways and carried her everywhere. I wish I were kidding.
3. Spring Bathing Suits... for toddlers.... I'm not ready to see myself in one yet!
There is a new brand that I'm scared to tell you about because it's still easy to buy and a great price for boutique quality. I feel like if I spread the good news, you'll buy my size, making it harder to get. So, promise not to go buy anything in a 2T or 3T but for the rest of you, check out Eleanor Rose! They're a sister company of Kelly's Kids (yes the clothes our moms dressed us in when we were 6 to match our siblings) but they're adorable! I'm LOVING their bathing suit line coming soon! Follow them on instagram for all the sneak peaks of what's coming!
Kelly's Kids also knocked it out of the park with this fabric! In true Kelly's Kids fashion, there is also a matching bikini, boy's swim trunk, t-shirt and mommy & me cover ups.

For days when we're in the sun for long periods of time, these Swim Zip bathing suits are awesome! Not as pretty as the first 2 but definitely functional and a must have for babies! They have a lot of patterns to choose from plus they were on Shark Tank... which makes you want to buy it even more, doesn't it?!
So are ALL of my favorite things today toddler clothes related? No... but they should be because they're so darn cute! I could literally make this entire blog about toddler girl's fashion while I am wearing patterned leggings and a Target sweatshirt/tunic and boots that I found on clearance at Rack Room so I'm not sure I'm qualified on the subject!

4. Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Paint
Painters come next week to paint THE WHOLE HOUSE. No, not our new one, the one we're STILL trying to sell. We're hoping all new paint and turn key status will sway buyers to pull the trigger! My mom's neighbor happens to be a home stagger so she came Thursday to give me some ideas. This was her suggestion for our bathroom and I'm now in love. I may never leave my bathroom once the muddy brown is replaced with this....

5. M&M Ice Cream Sandwiches
These may be the very reason I'm not ready for bathing suit season!
 They're on sale this week at Harris Teeter and I don't care how old you are, these things are delicious.... and terrible for you but so delicious it makes it worth it. #treatyourself

What are you loving this week? Post here or on the comments section on facebook!

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