Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My dirty laundry

Remember when I said I would post more than just my midweek confessions? Apparently I lied. For now, until the house is unpacked, the old house is fully cleaned and we have our new tenants moved in, my occasional bullet point blogging will have to suffice! Linking up with E, myself and I again!

1. I didn't wash Daniel's dress shirts this week. Instead, I took them out of the suitcase, rubbed dryers sheets on them and repacked them. Daniel, if you're reading this, I'm sorry! I knew I wouldn't have time to iron them.

2. Parker colored, glittered and feathered red cardinal birds during craft time at preschool. I asked him what it was expecting to hear "a bird" or maybe surprise me with "a cardinal." instead he replied "an angry bird. Die pigs!"

3. A certain someone who shall remain nameless or he/she would absolutely freak if I spilled who it was all over the internet accidentally dropped the f bomb this week in front of Parker when he/she dropped something. This morning, Parker dropped buzz off the high chair and exclaimed "oh f*," ah! To be fair to aforementioned individual, while in the process of moving/ dealing with time Warner cable, Parker has probably learned every curse word in the book but has only chosen to use the very classiest one. Ugh! I totally felt like Cam from modern family. Kinda hard not to laugh but you know you're not supposed to!

4. I haven't cooked a real meal in over 2 weeks. The only thing that has been on my stove is cars Mac n cheese. The drive thru people within 5 miles of my house should all know me by now. I'm actually looking forward to cooking a good family meal and settling down next week once the tenants move in, I don't have multiple contractors at my house every day and Daniel is home to enjoy it!

That's it for this week's addition of "well at least I don't do that!" Admit, you thought it! Your turn! Spill the beans!


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