Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Midweek Confessions

Lately this blog has just been me spilling my secrets with E, Myself and I's midweek confession linkup but I promise after the move we'll be back in blogging business! Until then, we're in survival mode around here!

1. I fed the kids dinner while in the bath tub tonight. It was actually really efficient. I had JUST cleaned their high chairs, they're MESSY eaters and they love the tub so it worked out PERFECT!

2. I can't remember the last time I had "me" time. SO for 20 minutes today I let Parker play angry birds on the iPad (which he calls his Zegra? ... so cute!) and Avery whined played on the floor while I turned my back to the growing pile of boxes in my den and read a good 'ol gossip magazine my dad gifted me today! (longest run on sentence ever!)

3. My den is looking more like an episode of Hoarder's by the day. I know we're moving and this is just temporary but it's STRESSING ME OUT! My car may get the boot to the driveway so the things that were once in the attic and are now in my living room can be relocated to the garage. 

4. The kids and I went grocery shopping today. This week's meal plan includes the word "Stouffer's" way too many times. 

5. Parker peed through his diaper 2 nights ago. I washed his sheets but then noticed his quilt also needed a run through the wash and didn't get everything back on his bed in time tonight SO... he's "camping" with a sleeping bag as a comforter.

What are your confessions? Air em out at E, Myself and I if you blog and if not, comment here or on my FB wall! :) It's SOOOO therapeutic!

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  1. Supper in the tub? What a fabulous idea! I need to remember that! :)