Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Cheeses

Tonight was Parker's preschool Christmas program. His class and the Tuesday/Thursday 2 year old class sang "God our Father" and "Happy Birthday." The rest of the class may have sung to "Jesus" but Parker still isn't great with "j's" so he sang to "Cheeses." Oh my goodness.... it was PRECIOUS! The teachers had birthday hats on each of the kids heads that tied under their chins. Never in a million years would Parker wear that for me but he'll do anything for Ms. Deanna and Ms. Monique.

I video taped it but I may be the WORST videographer EVER and I think I got mostly the man's head in front of me. Opps. I also didn't get the "dress up" memo and dressed Parker in a reindeer t-shirt I made him and khakis. He may not have been the best dressed but he sure was the most comfortable!

The kids did such a good job and the ones that didn't were my favorite. Why is a melting down toddler on a stage so funny/darn cute... that is, as long as it isn't my toddler! Parker kept putting his hands on his knees like he was working so hard singing these songs and he needed a breather. SO cute! Here are a few bad pictures. We didn't sit very close because I didn't want him to see us and stage dive!

We tag teamed entertaining Avery and grabbed some froyo at TCBY after the program was over.

Who needs someone to play with when you have a glittery shoe to chew on?  

Mom was SUPER excited to give Parker his present

Cars Croc's Jibbits! Aunt Kelly seemed confused ;)
He loved them!
Score one for nana. He loved them.... and will probably now only wear crocs. :)
What a great and memorable night!


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