Saturday, November 12, 2011

Girl's Mountain Weekend!

I have 6 best girlfriends from college and it is my life's mission to keep us in contact! So far, so good! We typically get together once a year as a group but many of us see each other even more than that a couple of times throughout the year. It's always a blast! 

Last weekend we all met up in good ol Gatlinburg Tennessee for the weekend. As always, it was a weekend of laughs, over eating, college story telling and not a lot of sleeping. 
Aren't these rocking chairs so inviting!

Avery got to come to mountain weekend ;) I hope she finds girlfriends in college and has weekends like this too!

Whitney, Erin, Amy and Beth.... Amber was puking because SHE'S PREGNANT (YAY!) and Cassandra was being a good friend supporting her.

1st time siting in a high chair!

The beautiful Erin and Amber

We are old... and we talked about insurance and mortgages WAY too much so we tried to be young and shotgunned a beer off the patio.... it was a huge failure for most of us!

I can't begin to describe how beautiful the leaves were!

I feel so blessed to have these girls in my life! I hope you have some special girlfriends too! They're invaluable to me!

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  1. Taylor, that was such a lovely post... I truly enjoy all of our girls trips! I am very thankful to have you in my life too! You are the glue that bonds all of us and I thank you for that. Can't wait until next time!