Saturday, July 31, 2010

You never know what you'll find on the side of the road!

This evening my hubby and I strolled the streets of Legacy Park letting the doggies do their business and getting a super fussy Parker out of the house. There's the usual trash along a side street near our house: cups, beer cans, pregnancy test (seriously...and it was positive! I keep waiting to see a pregnant teen on our street) ... but... today's roadside trash was... lets just say.... different. A raccoon? no...... rouge flip flop? no....... Chocolate Lesbians 4? yes..... WHAT? That's right.... a DVD called Chocolate Lesbians 4.

Here's how the scene played out. Daniel saw a CD upside down and figured it must have been dropped as it was in good condition and wasn't scratched up. He picked it up, flipped it over, gasped, threw it back down and yelled "sick!"I was overjoyed! Not for finding the DVD because it's nasty but for my husbands response! He was truly disgusted and I was so proud! Is that weird?! I LOVED that he was totally repulsed by the DVD when most men would have said "sweet" and brought it home for their viewing pleasure. I love that I'm enough for him and he doesn't desire for anyone else... not even chocolate lesbians! ha ha

We brought the DVD home and disposed of it so the neighborhood teens didn't get a hold of it but now I can't help but wonder.... which of my neighbors likes lesbo porn? Hmmmmm.....

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