Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Taylor's TV Guilty Pleasures

Tomorrow is the big day! Parker's 1st airplane ride! Woo Hoo! I wonder if I'll be this enthusiastic tomorrow when he's sitting on my lap for an hour wiggling? Fingers crossed for an uneventful plane ride! Or worse yet... sitting on the tarmac for hours! Ahhh! Happy thoughts! So... in preparations for our trip, I had to get some things done around the house, one of which was to make sure the DVR was set so I wouldn't miss any of my shows! It got me thinking.... Gosh I have a lot of shows I just MUST DVR! My DVR barely had any space on it because I DVR way more than I could ever watch but I've got some guilty pleasures I had to make room for! Sorry Glenn Beck, you're only being recorded in the middle of the night now! If Daniel ask, I don't know what happened?! he he Here's a list of some of my must see guilty pleasures:

The Secret Life
of the American Teenager - High school wasn't THAT long ago for me and I don't remember it being near as drama filled as this show! My daughter (should I ever have one) will NEVER go to public school if it's anything like this high school. Sex, Sex and more sex.... seriously... there wasn't even this much sex in college. Why do I watch it? I honestly have no idea. Mondays at 8pm on ABC Family (which makes it even funnier than this soft teenage porn is on ABC FAMILY!)

Pretty Little Liars - This is a new guilty pleasure of mine. What's not to love about lying teenage girls who may (or may not) have killed their best friend who is haunting them from the grave. We don't know the whole story yet and I look forward to it every week! What will A reveal next? Tune into (once again) ABC Family on Tuesdays at 8pm.

Modern Family- If you've seen it... you'd understand! It's H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S! Daniel and I have every episode saved on the DVR if you ever want to come over and watch them. Cam, the gay partner who is a stay at home dad and Phil the spacey dad of 3 are my favorite characters! Wednesdays at 9pm on ABC.

The Bachelor/Bacherlorette - Drama, drama, drama. I haven't missed a season YET! 25 women (women is a nice term for the majority of these females!) vying for the love, affection and 15 minutes of fame from 1 overly wealthy, handsome.... jackass and/or emotionally stunted male. Did you see Jake and Vienna duke it out last night? INSANE! ABC 8pm on Mondays

Parks and Recreation - I LOVE Leslie Knope BUT.... I believe Tom is my favorite character. This is the story of a group of co-workers who work for the parks department in a small town in Indiana. It's written like the office but Leslie is way less annoying than Michael Scott and the story lines aren't dead and over written yet. Daniel and I have gotten a lot of good laughs from this show! They just changed the time but it's on Thursday on NBC.

TrueBlood - My delightful Sunday night pleasure that even Daniel is into! This show is full of dirty, violent, passionate, naked.... vampire sex. Porn you ask... probably.... and I sorta feel bad about it BUT I love the relationship Sookie (human) and Bill (vampire) work on and mess up every episode... oh and then there's Eric... excellent eye candy. I never know what to expect on this show other than blood. It's hard to describe... just order it on Netflix and catch up.. you'll be glad you did! Sunday nights, HBO 9pm.

The Vampire Diaries - Yes, another vampire show... and if Twilight were a TV show, I'd watch it too. Damon and Stefan are 2 super hot vampires trying to live a semi normal life in a small town but what's normal about vampires? I know one of the extras on this how (shout out to Blair!) so that's also another fun reason to watch it. It's like where's waldo but instead it's where's blair! CW (it's off season right now so I'll get back to you when it comes back on)

A Baby Story - I just like babies. Some of the birthing gets a little much but I enjoy the story of how the couples met, how much they've wanted their baby (or prevented it and got pregnant anyways), how they prepare for the baby and watching them figure it out when they bring him or her home. It's a great show to have on the the background while you fold clothes, etc. TLC... pretty much runs all day!

Summer Heights High - This is off air now but I've got a ton of them DVRed! You Tube Mr. G. Hoopies Celine! My sister turned me on to this show. Its 1 guy who plays 3 hilarious characters.... a drama teacher, a special ed boy and a "trying to be popular" teen girl. Mr G the drama teacher is my favorite character along with his sidekick "Celine" the Chihuahua. "Ecstasy, ecstasy, Annabell died from ecstasy....she's a slut and she knows it....." Don't judge...watch it... you'll get it and you'll be glad you did :)

Project Runway - Have you ever seen the Dane Cook comedy bit where he talks about reviewing movies while watching previews? (No? You tube it) This is me watching Project Runway. You would think I'm a fashion designer/expert seamstress. Some of the clothes I love are hated by the judges and vice versa but every time I watch this I want to go rip down a curtain and make it into an evening gown. It's on Lifetime (or who knows what network next!... but it's worth checking out!)

So... these are some of my favorite guilty pleasures. What are yours?


  1. I have many guilty pleasures as well! I used to love True Blood, but we cancelled our HBO packaged :( I forgot I can order the season on Netflix..thanks for the reminder! The Bachelor/Bachelorette is one of my favorites as well...no matter how fake it has become. But I also love The Hills, The City, Big Brother, Celebrity Rehab(anything with Dr. Drew, I have a crush on him..haha)True Life, Hoarders...I could go on. It's sad really.

    Oh, and speaking of the Bachelor/Bachelorette...you know they are coming out with a new series with all the rejects? Looks juicy!

  2. if my TiVo ever goes out, I'm headed your way!! You'll have all my shows!!