Monday, July 5, 2010

Moms, do you ever wonder.....

For most of us, this is a LONG way away.... but do you ever wonder what your child's future spouse will be like? Will you like him or her? Will they fall in love young? Will it be love at first sight? Will they have children? Will they be around for holidays? Will they trust you with the grand kids?

As a mom of a boy, I wonder these things. In most families, I've noticed when the kids get married, they tend to spend holidays with the girl's family and if that were the case.... it would KILL me! Daniel's mom lives out of town and his father isn't in the picture so we spend most holidays with my family. We have traditions and quite honestly, it wouldn't seem right if we weren't there. I'm addicted to my son and we're developing traditions of our own. I'd love to eventually include a daughter in law in this but what if she prefers to be with her family? Maybe I'll just have super extravagant parties so they'll want to come to my house! ha ha. But seriously... I can't imagine raising my son for 20+ years and then barely ever seeing him once he's married. (Which is sorta the case with Daniel and his family) This would be seriously heartbreaking to me! I would have to go on a cruise every holiday with a full bottle of Prozac.

I pray for Parker's future spouse. I pray that she loves me and sees me as a second mom instead of a mother in law... there's a difference. I want to go wedding dress shopping with her even though it isn't my place to be there. The desire of my heart was always to have children but there are certain life experiences that only a girl has that I so desire to be a part of with my future daughter in law. I suppose the only thing I can do is raise Parker to choose wisely.... to respect women and himself and to listen to his heart.... to ask God for guidance... to know what he wants in a wife... to guard his heart. Whew... the job of a mother is so much more involving than keeping him fed and clothed!


  1. aw this is such a sweet sweet post :)

  2. Taylor...I think about the SAME exact things, so you are not alone! My husband's family actually moved to NC shortly after we got engaged, so we spend all holidays as one big family..with mine and his. So it works out perfectly...but you're right, most of the time it's the girls choice! I pray our boys choose wisely as well :)

  3. I hadn't really considered this and I agree with you! My dad always told us from the time we were really young that he prayed for us everyday and our future spouses and future children. I need to start doing that too! Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Such a sweet post....I've thought about this, too - must be a momma of a boy thing! Luckily we do a good job of splitting our time between both families now, so I hope Mills will do the same (or either just spend ALL of his time with ours...selfish? no!) :) I also selfishly hope that he never moves TOO far away permanently. I just love him!
    I've also prayed numerous times for his future spouse, too - I want to be close with my future daughter-in-law just like you're talking about.... is it weird that I'm talking about this and my baby isn't even a year old?!? haha!