Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holly Jolly Holiday for HIM

I'm going to interrupt my series on our cruise pictures, I know you're devastated, to discuss something way more exciting to most of you...unless you're my dad or mother-in-law... then you just need to quit reading right about now.....

Disclaimer: The following post is outside of the normal content of this blog but I felt inclined to share because it's important...and Biblical in the confines of marriage...and fun...and free. That said, if you're a prude... you won't like this post so come back tomorrow for cruise pictures! ;)

You see, Daniel and I don't exchange presents under the tree... well that's not true... it has been under the tree before but bare with me. We buy presents for the house that we need like vacuums, steam cleaners and Ninja blenders but we start using them the day we get them... ie... 2 days after cyber Monday.... shout out to Amazon Prime. That doesn't mean *NO* gifts; it just means we choose to spend $ on our children, things we need for the house and other people. I ALWAYS give Daniel Reese cups in the shape of Christmas trees in his stockings and he gives me... a Christmas hug aka nothing. My stocking is always so sad... hint hint.

Last year in mid December, my friend surprised me out of the blue with an email. I was hesitant to click on it because of my aforementioned issue with collecting a wide range of spyware. I'm a link clicker and I'm really trying to be better! Remember those free Starbucks links on facebook last winter? Scam. I learn the hard way...

Back to the email... it read "The 12 LAYS of Christmas." Little background on this friend... She is a Godly woman, bakes the most beautiful cakes, does lovely vinyl work, crafts with the best of them and is all around a Betty Homemaker so this email caught me off guard but perked my interest.

The premise is, for the 12 days before Christmas, you'll bless your husband with the present he REALLY wants...  once a day for 12 days in a row. No ladies, he does not in fact, want a polo shirt, or cologne, or a partridge in a pear tree... he wants YOU.... 12 times. I downloaded the flirty files and took them on a thumb drive to Staples to print out on pretty shiny cardstock. Little piece of advice: always fully read what you're printing out before asking someone else to do it for you to avoid any embarrassment. Side note: your hubby doesn't care if these are printed on shiny cardstock in color... black and white on flimsy paper is just fine. Once I reassured myself  "I'll never see the Staples print manager again. It's no big deal," I got to cutting them out. Each morning, I'd find a way to slip him the note so he had the whole day to think about it. I imagine he was super productive at work the 2nd half of December.

It was his favorite present... EVER.

So it's that time of the year again when all you ladies are in the line at Marshall's/Homegoods that wraps around to the back of the store to buy your polos and wallets. He doesn't want it or at least he wouldn't want it if he knew this was an option! Save yourself the time, $ and stress. I'm gonna make this simple for you.

Just Do It... and I don't mean go buy him Nike shoes.

I've scoured the internet for you and saved your computers from all sorts of viruses and spyware that attack you from googling phrases like "naughty days of Christmas," "12 lays of Christmas" and "sexy days of Christmas"... you.are.welcome.

Here are some fun links to different 12 lays of Christmas ideas.
Disclaimer: I did not make any of these on my own and I have NO idea what is on the rest of the sites but these particular links are PG to PG-13.  ;)

This one includes little gifts that go with each day:

This one also has little gifts that go along with each day and is cute enough to save and reuse next year!

If you don't like some of the poems or gifts in the previous 2, here are some poem options to create your own little coupons:

This one doesn't have any gifts or things you need. SCORE! She also has 2 years worth of poems so you can over achieve and do 24 lays of Christmas or just pick the ones you like the best:

This one is for the dating/engaged couples! You better not be doing this one if you're married... I'm just saying... he'll be disappointed:

 If you aren't comfortable with these little poems and ideas, create your own! He'd love it just as much, if not more, if it was original and from the heart!

You better hurry! If you start this Friday, the 13th!, you'll finish the 12 lays on Christmas Eve and as a bonus for you over achievers, some of those links also have a print out for Christmas Day. 

For anyone still reading but feel unsure about it, did you know there are 29ish (some were far reaching) scriptures in the Bible (according to my trusty friend, Google) dedicated to the topic of intimacy within marriage? 1st Corinthians 7:5 literally says "do not deprive each other."   So basically God wants you to give your husband the 12 lays of Christmas. (Dear theologians... I'm sure I took that out of context... feel free to not inform me. I like my version better.) 

What better way to bless your husband at Christmas than to take time during the craziness of the holiday for each other? You'll reduce holiday stress, set him up for smiles at all family functions and give him something to look forward to each day! Don't forget... it's also kinda like gifting your husband a present that's really for you too. I'm not sure if that's selfish of savvy but I'm going with the latter. 

Merry Kissmas and a very Happy (and potentially fertile for some of you) New Year!  ;)

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  1. I love this! I didn't see it until today so I'm a little behind on the 12 days although I think I still have a head start on doing this. Haha! Thanks for sharing! :-)