Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Day Parker Slept through his Preschool Christmas Program

Tonight was Parker's preschool Christmas program. Unfortunately it was at 7pm and we have a pretty strict 7-7:30 bedtime. We decided to go anyways since he had been practicing for it and seemed enthusiastic to yell "NO!" when asked "hide it under a bushel?" Parker's class sang "This Little Light of Mine" and by "Parker's class" I mean 2 little girls, a background tape and their teacher. I adore watching toddlers sing, stare, dance, lift up their dresses, cry etc on stage.... there isn't much cuter than a preschool program!

Last year Parker was placed on stage, didn't sing a word, didn't move an inch and was carried off stage when their song as done. This year, we made strides.... Parker walked on and off stage by himself. Maybe next year he'll smile.... or sing a word or 2. He is his father's child.... stage performance is not his forte. To be totally honest, I thought it was adorable. I mean, seriously... check out the face:
His class was all wearing light up star headbands (Parker was clearly thrilled)
Parker fell asleep in the car on the way to the program. He woke up when we dropped him off to his teacher but apparently fell back asleep in her arms until this song. After their song, he went back to sleep in her arms where he remained through the rest of the program including the finale:
Look under the "C" in Christmas. That's Ms. Monica holding a floppy and totally asleep Parker. Bless her! We love Ms. Monica!  
Parker's head is drooped over into the Christmas tree picture passed out while 105 kids sing "Good News" around him. Bless his heart he slept through it!
While this is not the Christmas program we expected to see tonight, it couldn't have been more perfect in my eyes.  It was such a reminder of the sweet innocence of children. A sleepy little boy who just couldn't stay awake any longer asleep in the arms of his precious teacher surrounded by his friends lifting their voices to the Lord spreading the "Good News" of Jesus' birth. From the mouths (and snores) of babes....

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  1. haha- that is great! nothing like a well-scheduled child :)